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Server Update - August Edition

The server has been doing amazing this month! Huge thanks to those of you who keep coming back! <3

This month I enabled the mapchooser plugin built into SourceMod. If you haven't stopped by in a while, what happens now is a vote will be called with a few minutes left on a map to choose the next map. This adds a nice new variety to the rotation and lets us choose a map we actually want to play!

I'm still open to suggestions regarding what maps should appear on our server. If you have a suggestion and are participating in the Steam Community Beta, let me know what you think in this thread in our Steam Group forum!

I also do plan on pulling together the community here sooner or later. Keep an eye on any events or announcements in the Steam Group! With the server back in the top 1000 servers on GameTracker, I think we might be looking to give some shit away!

As always, if you have a problem or an idea, feel free to contact me over Steam.

<3 AK
- AK posted: Tuesday 28th of August 2012 02:32:24 AM
Admin Team

Should there be a problem, bring it to AK first. If he is not online or not answering because he is a dick, feel free to ask any other admin for help!

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